Monday, 24 January 2011

Aaagh, it's nine weeks to Conpulsion

Conpulsion. It's nine weeks to it. Aaagh.

So about time to come up with the all-important "hey you, play my adventure" pitch blurbs. They have to be short, pithy, relatively accurate, and for games I'll be able and ideally happy to GM in two months' time.

Compare last year's, including my Doctor Who epic and Buffy Versus Godzilla.

I only have to come up with one game to GM this year, as one of the events this year is IRN GM, in which you get three GURPS setting books at random on Saturday and have to run an adventure using bits of all three on Sunday. So that's my Doctor Who adventure sorted probably...

So I dunno, Buffy or Adventure! or somethin' on Saturday.

While leaving room to play Gar's Primeval demo hopefully. The Laundry game with Charles Stross there will probably be rather busy.

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