Friday, 9 March 2012

Hulk Is Fifty!

Hulk issue 1 came out March 1st, 1962!

Marvel not make big thing of Hulk's birthday. Marvel have many fiftieth birthdays in the next year or so. Hulk not mind.

Hulk very private sometimes.

Still, Hulk would like cake.

Hulk appreciate wellwishers.


How do you mark birthdays, anniversaries and things like that in your game? Do the PCs have parties? Does their culture even note the passing of years? Is there a party in Elysium for the Prince's Embrace night?

Can any PC's birthdays suck as reliably as Buffy's?

Do you note the anniversaries of the games themselves? We went out for a meal one year for TWH.

And what would an adventure about organising a birthday party for the Hulk be like?

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