Thursday, 6 September 2012

Star... Something...

So what does one call a Space Opera NOW! RPG? Something exciting and space-y, but...

(400th post!)


  1. It probably depends on how the PCs get involved. If they are astronauts (A sure way to get military and science types who work together) then maybe it's named after their ship or their mission. Farscape is the obvious one, Odyssey 5 is another. Perhaps something like Star Ranger (because they are the crew of the Ranger IV, long forgotten when the 25th century rolls around).

    If they were recruited (or abducted) then the name could tie into that. If they fell into it (via a Stargate or Fringeworthy type device, or a weird side effect of the Big Bad Evil Guy's advance minions coming and going), maybe that mechanism points to a name.

    1. Quite so. Which is one of the things that has to be decided...