Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wraith: The ICONography

Bruce Baugh has been looking at ICONS lately. I made observations about its random chargen, approximate power level of the characters it makes, and how much damage attacks do versus how much damage characters can generally take, and he thanked me and checked that out and agreed. Which was nice. :)

And then he converted Wraith: The Oblivion to it. Which I was not expecting. 8o

The Aspect conversion of Passions and Fetters certainly works, emphasising their importance with a big place on the sheet for a game with less stats and skills. The different ghostly powers are largely covered, but there are gaps. And of course, how to play the Shadow is still a question...

(Wraith: The Iconostasis? Wraith: The Iconoclasm?)

(Edit: Iconoclasm)

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