Friday, 7 June 2013

Need a primogen?

Random Primogen Generator by cartoonist Anna Fabian (haffri on deviantArt). Not a random generator table, some visual ideas for Vampire characters.

And what would you want in a random generator table for vampire elders? Skew towards “fairly normal for the clan” and “scheming bastard” for personalities but include possibilities for very different characters as well.

As demonstrated here, include a list of distinctive features (like the random regeneration system in The Time Traveller’s Companion for C7’s Doctor Who) to provide strong visual or acting hooks for characters brought in an short notice. (Which is good for quick NPC creation in general of course.) Because with nothing but a picture and some clan suggestions I already have one pretty developed elder in mind...

Add a randomiser for connections and rivalries with other Kindred, and areas of mortal influence...

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