Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Nationals 2014

Short version: 


Urban Fantasy.


The PCs (almost) all being in a band, recycling the characters from 2011 and 2013 which in turn recycled the PCs-as-band idea run as a PBP and expanded on in A Buffy Season. Partially recycling the 2011 adventure as well, which in turn was also the finale of TWH season four. I am nothing if not economical with my ideas. I’ll try to write it up as a demo adventure and short Actual Play reports just to stop myself using it a sixth time...

Generally went well. Players did character-y stuff, made jokes, slayer showed off, witch was inventive, lead singer was concerned about the gig...

Pictures of groups when photographer Facebook-ifies them.

50/60 in quiz. Did not recognise the flags of Caprica or Krypton. Winning team got 58. Nerds. ;)

More when more awake.

Next year: De Montford.

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