Thursday, 30 October 2014


Another week, another genre show, here showing in double bills despite being only eight episodes long. Intruders (adapted by Glen Morgan from The X Files from a novel by Michael Marshall Smith) is probably helped by the double bill, pairing the deeply unrevealing first episode with a second episode that appears to explain the main plot in tell-not-show format. Hrm.

You know the bit in Being John Malkovich where the cult explain that there’s a door that lets you go into John Malkovich for fifteen minutes because they want to use him as a vehicle to live on after death?

It’s that.

With a body per cult member.

Who generally don’t know about their past lives until they’re “woken” around a significant birthday, and have at least some memories and emotions connected to the other lives they’ve lead. I don’t know yet what the process of transference is, but the title suggests it’s invasive (or perhaps they’re just “intruding” on present-day lives) and certainly a quarter of the way in none of them seem very nice.

For a version where it’s encouraged to use the power of serial immortality and/or past-life memory for good, see Dragonmeet 2002 10-hour RPG Incarnate by various industry people and attendants including, er, me.

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