Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Showing on Amazon Prime Video On Deman in the UK, Constantine is Hellblazer, the series. Pretty close, although John himself isn’t quite enough of a git in the average episode.

So far, a mix of basic MOTW and Hellblazer stories.

Keeps the exorcist angle and sharply dressed angels from the film. Protective tattoos as well, although not as big and blatant as Keanu had. Indeed, that sums it up all round.

The pilot brings in a potential partner who is written out in the broadcast version - and replaced by someone kind of similar.

It runs at a slightly higher starting Weird Level than Supernatural, the show which has borrowed its clothes (literally in the case of Castiel) but lower than Gotham or the actual DC Superhero shows (which cross over with each other but not with this or Gotham).

Also, having a go at Gypsies? Really?

Still, nice use of Hellblazer art in the automatic drawing scenes.

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