Saturday, 27 June 2015

What does a Star Trek game need?

... with a starship?

I got Star Trek Into Darkness for my birthday (I think it holds up well until it becomes a straight remake of The Wrath of Khan near the end) and Star Trek Beyond has just started filming, aiming to be ready for the 50th anniversary of the original series next year.

People seem to be thinking of how to do a Star Trek RPG again, such as for example Vampire: The Requiem developer Rose Bailey and Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space designer Dave Chapman both discussing it in the last twenty-four hours. :)

Ultimately I think it depends what kind of Star Trek the people playing want. Do you focus on conflicts using action, technology or diplomacy? Investigate the planet of the week, or solve its dilemma? Big or small SFX budget? The existing games all tend to focus more on modelling the setting than the TV series nature of the shows (and the movie nature of the movies) while each emphasises different aspects of the whole.


  1. Where is the last twenty-four hour discussion taking place? I'd like to see what's being said. Thanks.

    1. Rose has been thinking about it via email - if a system hack results I'll link to it.