Monday, 30 November 2015

Tabletop Freelance

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  1. In slightly related news, I've recently been hearing of folks over here that freelance as GMs, is that a thing you've heard tell of, either IRL, or online?

    1. Only in mocking "that'll never work" responses to people trying it. Maybe I'm in the wrong country.

    2. Yeah, I was very skeptical too, but it seems it is happening. Mostly for D&D though as far as I am aware. All to do with the demographic of people wanting to play but having limited time, so what gaming time they have they'd rather just play, leaving the prep to someone else.

      It seems the demand for DMs has Evolved from having to turn people away as players, to charging for their time. A small move, but a significant one.

      Shame for me there's a much smaller market in Cthulhu Keepers than for D&D DMs! ;)