Thursday, 4 August 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 4: Most impressive thing another's character did

#RPGaDay 2016

4: Most impressive thing another’s character did

So many more options here.

The Watch House: Milli Versus Frankenstein! William The Dragon Slayer! Evil Jake! Natalie deciding not to be a princess! The accidental creation of Captain Rugged!

The Door In Time: Kai mending the universe! Effie talking down Trotsky from allying with the Cybermen!

The time in Adventure! that Rocket Man got thrown out of a zeppelin sans rocket pack and adventuring archaeologist Lexi Forbes knocked out the goon holding it, grabbed it and dived out after him!

The Star Wars pilot Tylla Vaatu who fired a Star Destroyer engine through the rest of the ship!

The time a group of Dark Ages Vampire PCs failed to solve a mystery and framed a convenient scapegoat! Okay, that one’s kind of mean...

And of course Mr. Bennett.

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