Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ultron, we would have words!

Mothers Day, and as Avengers: Infinity War prepares to film around Edinburgh, I realise my mother hasn’t seen Age Of Ultron. So...

An amused “Uh-oh!” as Steve moves Thor’s hammer slightly and Thor tries not to look worried.
Spotting Andy Serkis and asking if he helped with the CG acting, which he did. “And he’s playing a bad guy, again.”
A big laugh for “Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep!” and “I’m sorry.”
“They destroy a lot of property...”
“Uh...?” as the Vision lifts the hammer, and then a laugh on seeing the characters having the same reaction.
“I was about to say they’re not listening...” as Quicksilver comes back to the police station with a gun.
Avengers, time to go to work! “What have they been doing?”
“Oh, she’s good!” as the Scarlet Witch joins the fight.
“Oh my...” as Thor, Tony and the Vision start to burn Ultron up by their powers combined.
And an “auuuch” sound as Quicksilver dies.

So, conclusions...
The hammer setup and payoff really works.
Quicksilver works particularly well if you don’t know he’s not staying.
Andy Serkis is recognisable without CG.

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