Wednesday, 28 March 2018

ROM: Spaceknight

Have I really not written about Rom here before? Huh. Okay. Anyway, Zak Penn is writing a screenplay based on the character and his adventures, which looks like it won’t be in a Marvel setting. Which is okay as he was always Marvel Universe adjacent... until he dragged pretty much the entire universe into his fight.

But anyway, Rom is awesome. The story is basically Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, except that instead of a regular person becoming suspicious of their neighbours acting a little twitchy, its hero is Space Cyborg Aragorn.

A big blank-faced space man whose glowing red laser eyes still manage to scowl and who turns up in a small town, apparently disintegrating locals at random while occasionally speaking in mildly grandiose fantasy hero talk, takes a while to earn the trust of the populace.

The IDW comics serve as a sequel of sorts while rebuilding a lot from the ground up and pulling Rom into their new universe, where he gets more trouble from G.I. Joe than the X-Men. The film was originally planned as part of the Hasbro toys universe, but may now be its own thing.

The original Marvel comics are currently unreprintable due to the rights issues of their spinning off from a toy line. But since the DC Atari Force saw a reprint recently, maybe the film will finally get them back on shelves.

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