Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Icons, then?

Yes kids, Icons. Really simple superhero gaming, complete with an idea-prompting random generation system. It's like coming home, really - the third or fourth game I ever got was Golden Heroes and my first campaign as a player was Marvel Super Heroes Advanced - ah, The Ultimate Powers Book...

So obviously, pretty different thinking than Vampire. I could run both on the same day and they probably wouldn't affect each other notably.

Apart from three months GMing Doctor Who where the short time kept me from going really mad, it would also be my first time returning to GMing a big Kitchen Sink game since running The Watch House. Even more throw-it-all-in, even. "A game where a mutant can team up with an alien and a skilled normal to stop an army of ghosts invading Ape City and that's not an unusual session."

I wouldn't want to do a deconstruction - I'd want a big crazy superhero action game with a bit of heartfelt emotion mixed in with the laser sharks and exploding galaxies.

Probably a new universe.

Maybe a Golden Age setting where the PCs get to be the archetypal heroes of the piece - the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America - the first and classic examples of certain styles in their world.

Maybe a "modern widescreen reboot" as imagined to be drawn by Bryan Hitch or made live-action with a $250 000 000 budget.

Maybe something slightly odd, like a space opera setting with modern humans interacting with superpowered aliens and fighting a Ming-style space tyrant, probably stuck in a dinky little spaceship.

I dunno. We'll see.

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