Sunday, 24 October 2010

Vampire: The Requiem Trailer

Vampire: The Requiem

Or the 100MB downloadable .dv file version

The product of three or four afternoons over two weeks, the last image for it grabbed from a trailer I saw on Friday.

Only four shots from things that actually have anything to do with vampires, and one of those is the logo and another is people attending the ballet in an episode of Angel. (Which replaced a people-attending-the-opera shot from a recentish version of Dracula because iMovie refused to upload it.) That leaves the Nosferatu types from Blade II and the vampire episode of Alias, and that show also provided almost half the rest of the shots.

Hopefully it conveys a mood with its consistent palette and gloom, and lots of occasionally-superhuman foot chases and unflashy physical violence.

Of course, now it looks like I'm more likely to be running Icons this year...