Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nationals oneshot development diary: 5

Right. Got six PCs. I think four of them are actually likely to be fun. So that's close but...

Cute punky lovelorn Vampire Slayer drummer.
Ass-kicking monster hunter who plays guitar.
Cordy lead singer.
Oz-style calm-about-everything bassist. Also, psychic.
Zeppo keyboard/sound technician/computer guy/getaway driver.
Witch, not part of the band, need to build in optional monster-fighter-versus-band conflict.

I've got a straightforward apocalypse that they can add ass-kicking, emotional pain and snark to, or just play through.

At one point, a huge vampire will throw a motorbike at someone.

... I have more than that.


  1. "At one point, a huge vampire will throw a motorbike at someone."

    The Count is not a violent man.

    All I'm saying.

  2. I resisted the temptation to have all the vampires be VTR references. Their boss was a Crone and then I managed to stop.

    (Hmm. Who would playing Count MF Dracula on a TV budget? The Rock would be too expensive...)