Friday, 29 April 2011

Of Gods And Men, Provisional Game Idea

Okay, it seems Of Gods And Men is becoming a viable thing in my head.

Dunno what system to use... supers, or kinda-supers like Angel or something. I want people to be as viable as superbeings, and not just in small armies of crack special agents. I'd like Jane Foster to be as playable as Thor. (Or Frodo and Sam to be as playable as Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli, to use the other-thing-I'm-modelling-mentally examples.)

The magics are all couched in magic-y terms, although if a lab gets hold of a magic sword they can analyse it and find interesting readings. Magic has a presence.

Whether to use existing pantheon(s) of gods or make something up like the Scion Atlantean pseudo-gods... I lean towards real ones that have been somewhat misrepresented, so players can bring some of their own mythology-fu to the table but I can always go "actually..." and change something if needs be.

Norse would be a bit "hey I'm running Thor!" Not that I'm denying that, of course.

Maybe British mythology, the shifty Celtic gods, Bran the Blessed, Gog and Magog, the fighting dragons... stuff like that. Although I might borrow from Thor and Gaiman and go for the big wide open spaces of America as the backdrop instead.

Certainly something that lets me have the army fighting orcs.

Dragons versus helicopters, because that's always fun.

I've set foot on this ground before, notably in The Watch House Season Six when I had an elf witch trying to revive a dragon and a horde of goblins to destroy humanity, but there it was a secret magic setting so it stayed hidden, at least until the dragon attacked King's College Chapel. Here it would be more superheroey and get out in the open pretty fast and stay there.


  1. Brian Blessed? No... wait... misread that...

    But seriously, that sounds great. Personally, if I was going to cover all aspects of the power spectrum (Jane Foster as well as Thor) I'd go for something like Angel as it has the built-in checks and balances.

  2. Cheers!

    And of course any resemblance between Brian Blessed and Bran The Blessed is purely - shh, don't tell people.