Sunday, 1 May 2011

Arcane Magazine. No, not THAT Arcane Magazine.

Sandy Petersen has his own personal Weird Tales.

(Weird Tales is owned by someone else... and obviously Arcane lapsed long enough ago to just be a painful memory for some British gamers.)


  1. *raises a glass to the memory of Arcane*
    *and of GM/GMI before it*

  2. Not to RPI or Valkyrie, I notice.

  3. Actually, RPI and Valkyrie never made it over to NZ newsstands, I don't think. Maybe I saw Valkyrie around once or twice? I dunno.

    The Last Province, however, is completely new to me. Neat.

  4. Ah. That was originally a comment on RPI and Valkyrie's quality, really.

    I'll have to let you see them sometime if I visit that side of the planet. (And I suppose I could scan my M.R. James article.)