Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Of Gods And Men: Odin Versus Zeus

Of Gods And Men has reached the crucial "buying a notebook" stage, still without a rules system or a decision about which pantheon(s) to star.

Of course, I'm holding off partially because so much of it is window dressing - the Norse and Greek/Roman pantheons both have wise white-bearded shapeshifting kind-of-an-asshole father gods, hotheaded superstrong sons who make good superheroes, a race of giant enemies, bloodthirsty undead and lots of monsters in general.

Going Greek would give it a bit more distance from being a straight Thor-if-it-was-a-standalone-setting game, but I like wolves and witches and swords with threats of bodily harm as names a bit more.

I should probably get around to watching the Percy Jackson film.


  1. It doesn't have to be Norse vs Greek. Maybe they're all the same gods, just different names in different places. It all depends on how you want the game to feel.

  2. True, but I'd like them to have a flavour... just not sure which one.

    (The Celts are pretty much out of the running because they're more a grab bag than a pantheon, with no narrative through line for mortals to get mixed up in.)

  3. prankster_dragon11 May 2011 at 08:17

    Do you have Armageddon? Has godling qualities that work reasonably well with cinematic unisystem (he says from the one time an NPC used them is his game).

    Actually, the whole concept kinda screams cinematic Armageddon to me; just seems the easiest way to work the idea.

  4. I don't... and now I'll have to avoid looking at it so as not to give up.

  5. prankster_dragon11 May 2011 at 16:14

    Ah, sorry, didn't mean be to be off-putting.

  6. Not to worry. I was aware of Armageddon but have never opened it, so it was in there somewhere.

    (I wonder if William Gibson ever went back and watched Blade Runner, after the time he stopped as it was too close to Neuromancer s he was writing it...)