Tuesday, 24 May 2011

When I Am Through With You There Won't Be Anything Left

... is the theme of Damages, which got more 'mundane' as it went along but was for season one at least a positively nightmarish portrayal of a controlling, manipulative vampire of a boss. There was nothing supernatural about her or the show (although it had some borderline prophetic dreams and a hallucination or possible ghost) but she seemed utterly inhuman at times. It felt like a full-on non-psychological horror story was about to happen.

So, how creepy are your monsters? Would your Vampire prince kill someone he'd treated like a friend to preserve the power of someone more useful who he doesn't like? Do your "cleaners" ever get the shakes as they wait for their prey? How many skeletons do they have in their closets, and what would happen when one surfaces? Who is the real monster?

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