Thursday, 19 May 2011

Monster As Mystery

Prompted by this, which was prompted by a post elsewhere in turn...

When is a monster not a monster? Is it defined by normal monster stats? "If it has stats, we can kill it..." Or is it made up entirely of special rules and effects? Arm-wrestling a Weeping Angel won't go well for most people, but how about sword-fighting?

Some things are clearly better left off the normal template.

Little Fears takes this in an interesting direction - normal characters have a normal array of stats, but monsters are defined only by how scary and dangerous they are and what their powers can do. That would be a way to go for a game with no canon-fodder monsters where everything is rare and threatening, or for 'unique' monsters in a more regular monster-filled game.

I imagine Of Gods And Men will be pretty directly fighty, but it could have some monsters defined only by what they do as well.

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