Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Last Province

It was half my lifetime ago now that I had a least a review in every single issue of The Last Province, an RPG magazine started in this very city. It was a brief thing, a year punctuated by going to the editors' flat to type reviews directly into their computer, because after issue 5 there was an attempted deal to get onto newsstands and that fell through.

But I can still point to it and say "I was there".

That my brother illustrated an Over The Edge article by Jonathan Tweet as well as my page on M.R. James, that I got review copies of things which I was more polite about because they were review copies, that I probably would have gotten a proper article into issue 6, that the cover feature for issue 5 actually appeared in Roleplayer Independent issue 8 instead (grr) and that at the launch party I stole a briefcase nuke.


  1. Ahhh - I remember this excellent magazine - always wondered why it folded so quickly!

    What is a briefcase nuke??

  2. A nuclear weapon inside a briefcase.

    (Easier to incorporate into a launch party LARP than a normal-sized nuclear weapon.)