Monday, 30 May 2011

I didn't start with D&D and I sure don't want to now.

In fact, I didn't play it for over a decade after starting. By which time I was jaded enough to be baffled by why anyone would want to play it. Classes and levels? THACO? (It was the THACO era.) Armour that makes you dodge rather than, say, reducing damage? Why are people driving Model T Fords?

I'm rather less adamant about that nowadays. But when someone asks how to start on RPGs and some people insist D&D is the only option I can be heard to tut disapprovingly.


  1. I didn't start with D&D either and I agree- THAC0 and class and levels are not for me. However, I still am very much into my first real RPG- Top Secret/S.I. All skill based and d%, baby!

  2. That was one of my first as a regular player, actually. (My first RPG as player and GM was Fighting Fantasy, followed by a brief detour into MERP which confirmed my rules-light-ness...)