Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Distinct Lack Of Progress Report

Of Gods And Men?

Of Men And Gods?

Hmm. I dunno.

Still haven't decided on a system. Ideally I'd come up with one myself and create my own small-press indie game thingie, but I'm not a system head.

Something where Gods are specialists and mortals can be more generalist. And possibly have Drama Points or the like in higher measure, although I want them to be able to stand proud rather than rely on player narrative trickery.

Of course, this only matters if we have Gods and mortals in the same group - the idea's big enough that either or could also work.

A God being able to do something superhuman and occasionally useful, maybe? Like, say, Jack Harkness's serial immortality. Or Thor's ability to hit things really hard and take similar damage, obviously useful in a fightin' game but not uniquely so.

Maybe everybody gets An Amazing Thing that they can do, be they God or mortal. After all, with a group of four or so, this doesn't seem unreasonable.

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