Monday, 13 June 2011

Nationals 2012, Day -305

Planning for the Nationals 2012 is underway, including the all-important "new categories" phase.

Currently in the running:

The separation of the old and new WoD systems - will both get enough people? Personally, when I was playing WoD I liked a bit of variety... as long as I didn't have to spend half the adventure in the bloody Umbra again.
A Pirates! category - surely that's more something you attack other categories with? If you can't fit pirates into an RPG category you're just not trying.
The various 40K RPGs - I'd suggest WFRP as well, the grand old man of British RPGs seems like it deserves a shot.
Doctor Who - which I like, as you may have gathered, but I'm not sure the game's big enough to get a category to itself. And I'm not just saying that as I want to run it in my category what I made up.


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