Thursday, 8 September 2011

Star Trek

Star Trek is 45 today.

It's been sequelled, prequelled, rebooted, cartooned, ripped off, referenced, RPGed rather a lot. Not least by me ol' mate Dave, who has been GMing the Decipher version (a game that was in dire need of a playtest) for my Friday group on and off for almost two years.

But with so much of it out there, in different series and styles and universes - Siskoid's running review count stands at 1419 for episodes, movies, comic issues et al - what people mean when they say Star Trek is pretty variable.

Dave's current game is very much inspired by his favourite series Deep Space Nine - that era, practical issues on a frontier, a tough little ship, a crew heavy with war veterans, a new section of space opened up after the fall of an empire in the Dominion War with a smallish number of major races and a lot of war secrets, religious fanaticism and opportunistic use of religion as Big Bads. But we've still had time for a Q episode and the one where we found the wreck of our own ship from a few hours in the future.

Conversely, the idea I had to GM was in the style of the new movie, a rollicking space opera with a lot of fighting and arguing and snogging and colourful uniforms and gigantic explosions. And that's Star Trek too.

Who wants what was the core of Federal Space by Shadowjack.

I won't ask you to wade through all 433 replies to, but I'll just show you this, explaining why we keep going back there.

Gosh I had no idea.

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