Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nationals 2012, Day -222

Apparently they have 25 GMs for the Nationals so far. And need twice as many.


I do wonder if it will be as busy in Cardiff as this year's Sheffield event. How many GMs did that have in the end?

Pretty much every Nationals adds some categories. Some run, some don't. Some that do are never seen again. Next year, they have several ideas. I believe Pirates! has already been kicked into touch, with a reminder that apparently there used to be a Swashbuckling category. Naturally that was the one I liked most of these changes. Of course I'd happily run Doctor Who, but I'm not convinced about giving it a category of its own.

Of course, I'm looking at this from a perspective of not getting eight (eight!) people to run my "Film & TV" category in 2007, having Urban Fantasy only start in 2011 and fill up immediately, and wanting to do it again. Possibly fitting Doctor Who in there as I considered well before giving it a category was suggested. But not if that category's going, naturally. (Grrr.)

I get a bit obsessive about categories. This is because having been to the Nationals almost a dozen times, I know it can be all players have to go on when they get to the table. And if I sign up for Category X, I don't want something that really belongs in Category Y. It might be fun, but...

Not that any of this really matters, ultimately it's the wargames categories where the points are. But hey, I want to give the people something like what they want.

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