Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Game Table Team-Up

Turns out the only comic I actually bought on New DCU Launch Day was issue 1 of Angel & Faith from Dark Horse and Mutant Enemy. (I probably would have bought the new Batman or Action Comics, and have some others tagged for interest, but never mind.)

Angel and Faith have only worked together briefly on-screen, so while giving them a shared byline makes sense due to their connection, it still looks slightly odd on the cover.

Which, inevitably, got me thinking...

What do you do when you only have a couple of the players from the group? Not enough for the regularly scheduled adventure. Assuming you have enough warning not to be sitting there with the adventure ready and wondering where everyone is, you can put a bit of focus on the players and PCs you have.

Would the PCs work together successfully without the others there? (Hopefully the players would...) What can they do in a crisis when the others are unavailable? How much of an "odd couple" would they be?

Then hit them with an adventure that brings out the best and/or worst of them, possibly hauls up any conflicts between them and generally lets them air things they wouldn't with the whole group there.

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