Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Star Wars RPG System IV: A New Hope?

FFG have the licence for Star Wars hobby games.

This'll probably mean a big lots-of-nice-plastic-minis game like Descent at some point. Maybe chasing around the Death Star, with lots of cardstock corridors and white plastic Stormtroopers, temping me to buy it even if I never play it?

And it might mean a shiny Dark Heresy type RPG. Or a lots-of-little-bits-for-players-to-lose game like their variant of WFRP. Still, it wouldn't be the first time Star Wars has been attached to a system I don't get or want.

It's also the most hacked licensed setting, seems like just about every game gets the "can you do Star Wars with it?" test at some point. I've played it in first and revised edition WEG, first edition d20, Feng Shui, Cinematic Unisystem, boffer LARP, non-boffer LARP...

What about Star Wars makes it the benchmark setting for adventure-ish RPGs? Well, for me, it's up there Lord Of The Rings and above the likes of 2000AD, Marvel and DC, Doctor Who and Star Trek as the myths of my childhood. And unlike Middle-earth, I feel like I can do it justice. I don't have to describe the setting as evocatively or thematically as JRR Tolkien, just sketch it in and get to the action as fast as George Lucas. Back when George was fast.

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