Monday, 15 August 2011

Time Loop!

SFX on twelve Groundhog Day episodes.

This was mentioned in the Six Staples Of SF/F Series but it seems rather apt to go over it again...

This would be a tricky one to do at a gaming table.

Obviously the PCs are the ones aware that time is looping (or most of the PCs, if some of the players are game enough to go along with playing ignorance).

You'd need a lot of notes for what the "Whoa, déjà vu..." moments are, and probably a big dramatic rocks-fall-everyone-dies ending to the day for them to fight against rather than the go-to-bed-in-a-bad-mood example of Groundhog Day itself.

They'll try various solutions and mad ideas, you'll have to consider what carries over for them if anything... and someone's likely to try the "let's make everything perfect" trick.

Doctor Who listed because, well, yeah.

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