Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I'm Batman, and I can breathe in space.

I recently discovered Youtube hides entire episodes of Andromeda, the not-Trek-honest spaceship show I once saw a few episodes from season three. (Starships & Spacemen should have totally gone for the licence.) So I watched the pilot and it's... well, the stunts are good. And the core concept - idealistic Federation captain dropped into post-crash future. But for no clear reason, it's the most 80s-looking show produced in the year 2000.

And I wonder if it's a coincidence that the main enemy races are (1) bat-faced barbarians and (2) superior engineered transhumans whose only external sign of not being normal-for-TV buff handsome people is the three retractable bone spurs on their forearms in the style of Batman's gauntlets.

And now I'm imagining a space opera where all the space civilisations are based on Batman characters. The Joker is tricky - although I could imagine crazy situationist space pirates. The Scarecrow - a terrorist group who use fear as a weapon... hmm. Bane - steroidal nutjobs from a prison planet who want to test themselves against the best the other worlds have to offer. Killer Croc is easy. R'as... totally works as a pulp space overlord.


  1. Is that the one with Hercules in it? May have to go look it up.

    1. That's the one, Kirkules. Search for Andromeda s01e01.