Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stargate Universe

As discussed previously, the Stargate universe makes for great gaming. But how about Stargate Universe? It’s just started on non-subscription TV here, hence the asking now.

It keeps the “modern characters, could be anyone” appeal of the setting while cutting them off from Earth, and to begin with it mostly concerns itself with the practical issues of spaceflight in a knackered out-of-control Ancient starship. Separation from Earth means supporting characters and redshirts have to be there from the start, leading to uncertainty as to which non-stars might make it to the end of a given episode.

The main difference, though, is one of tone. These by and large aren’t characters who want to be on an epic space adventure. Like Lost in space, and indeed Lost In Space (and to a lesser extent Voyager) they’d really rather be going home now, thank you. And that makes them less game-ish right away, I think. It’s less “what’s the adventure?” and more “what’s the holdup?”

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