Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dungeoneering NOW

This thread on what to do in modern games raised some interesting points. The OP was looking for the best equivalent to dungeoneering in a pseudo-modern setting, thinking on urban exploration of abandoned buildings.

As I say in my response, I think the closest apart from deliberately retro Indy-style dungeons in the present is actually Shadowrun-style heists, with the corporate facility mapped out by the GM, Mission: Impossible-style traps based on cameras and laser tripwires, security guards defending important rooms, items to be stolen and the option to still have a wizard or a dragon in the final room.

Which leads me to think... dungeoneering is actually more like Mission: Impossible than the Mines of Moria.


  1. Not s great surprise really, as Shadowrun was made as a futuristic DnD, from what I heard.

    1. Absolutely. The main difference seems to be hacking the security system to get maps before you go in...