Saturday, 23 March 2013

TNG Season Eight

Looked at again because of this thread in the Whoblog: TNG S8, a mix of A and B plots from an imagined eighth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Built for parody, notably in the portrayal of Geordi and Data as sitcom teenagers, but maybe every third one would work seriously:

Picard must debate a copy of himself... to the death.

Riker infiltrates a saboteur cult in the Neutral Zone.

Beverly solves a medical mystery that stains her mentor's legacy.

Worf unwillingly participates in his niece's coming-of-age human hunt.

Ghosts of long-dead crewmen harass Troi.

Picard must pacify a moon-sized Borg drone as he and it drift towards a Federation colony.

Data protects a luddite priest during a robot uprising.

Picard must rescue solar miners trapped on a plasma rig.

Worf struggles to recall his past after being brainwashed by a Klingon terrorist cell.

A world with a terminal plague tries to attract the Borg as a cure.

A team of elite space thieves deactivate the Enterprise's artificial gravity and steal the warp core.

Worf refuses to enjoy the pleasure-planet Risa. (Okay, maybe not that one, but you can just imagine it, can't you?)

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