Monday, 19 August 2013

Soon He Will Know

A trailer that doesn’t say what it’s actually for from JJ Abrams and co. at Bad Robot.

From the tone I would guess not Star Wars despite the opening shot.

As I’ve established before, I like a good trailer, including a good disassociated or fake trailer, so before we find out what it’s actually for, some not-entirely-serious speculation, since it’s fun to spit out random ideas it could be before the observer effect shuts that down. 

An amnesiac hunted by creepy people...

“Men are erased... and reborn.”

I imagine if you gave this to ten GMs you’d get sixteen game ideas.

A World Of Darkness RPG at JJ’s office, perhaps? ;)

I started a Demon: The Fallen game like that once, with a demon PC with no memory of his Fallen self. Maybe something God-Machine Chronicle related now? 


  1. And after twelve hours, we have an answer. And it's actually more bizarre than my idea.

    1. And for some reason this has clocked up 300 pageviews. The previous post got 18, the one after 12... Did they think I know something?