Thursday, 2 January 2014

In the meantime, I will make my own Star Trek...

Still not quite short enough to be a proper drabble. Pilot concept borrowed from Jamie Wheeler:

The bridge of the Enterprise shook as it dove through the corona of the dying star.

Captain Carter looked to the flight control station to her left. “Get us out of here!”

Lieutenant X’ki’t’ikrit gave a nod and its four clawed hands danced across the screens. The Enterprise veered to port high, and Carter could feel the safety straps in her chair tighten to compensate. “Clear of the collapsing gravity field,” the helmsbeing chattered, its antennae settling close to its head. To its right, Navigator Chu slumped in his chair and let out the breath he’d been holding.

“Take us into phase,” the Captain ordered, and Chu happily obliged, setting the coordinates to send the ship past light speed into phasespace. Carter watched the star tear itself apart on the rear monitor. Frowning.

“I want to know who killed that star system.”

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  1. Pitch:

    It's the 26th Century, because the 25th Century is reserved for Buck Rogers. 150 years of clear space to remove all worries about continuity. Some things have changed (there's a Romulan security officer reflecting a shaky detente, while the Klingons are being isolationist and the Borg have vanished) and lots of things are pretty much exactly the same despite the massive progress that should be made, because this is Saturday night TV gaming, not Serious Science Fiction Simulation.

    The ship is the Enterprise (NCC 1701-K), tricorders are really small and do about as much as an iPhone, uniform jackets have light grey instead of black and the warp engines are yellow instead of blue.

    Enough room to chuck out the weight of canon (it could equally be the future of the JJverse) and go for the basics. Other than that, it's punching aliens and arguing over what to do and strange new worlds and running phaser fights.