Friday, 10 January 2014

Vampire plot hook by Justin Achilli

In two weeks’ time I will be preparing for Propulsion, here in Edinburgh. I will not be at Warpcon in Cork, where Vampire: The Masquerade developer Justin Achilli is guest of honour and running this. Damn it.

I quote:
A Secret Poorly Kept — A Vampire: The Masquerade Story
Here’s the Vampire scenario I’ll be running at Warpcon in Cork at the end of the month!  
A mysterious Kindred has invited a host of Kindred to a private auction hosted in his domain. The lot to be auctioned is none other than a torpid Methuselah — a childe of one of the founders of the 13 clans of the undead.
With such a valuable prize in the offering, danger and intrigue are sure to accompany the auction. Is the blood of the Methuselah genuine? Who is the host and how did he come by such a treasure? Who are these other Kindred and can they be trusted to honor the outcomes of the auction? What is the blood price of another vampire’s soul?

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