Friday, 28 February 2014

1000 Posts

This blog here hits quadruple figures. (The Whoblog trails nine behind it.)

Looking at my tag sidebar, let us see what its concerns have been over the past three and a half years.

The admittedly unhelpful RPGs tag is the clear winner at 245 - almost a quarter of the available posts. For those wondering, I generally use it when making reference to rulebooks rather than any aspect of the subject, as that would be closer to four quarters of the posts here...

Vampire comes second, not least because I only brought in The World Of Darkness tag later (which is why it has capital letters) and helped by the Challenge series, which I also note seems pretty popular. Fair enough, it covers two of my favourite RPGs going back decades.

Onto the genres, Urban Fantasy narrowly beating Horror, then SF, then Fantasy, which is behind Plots and Ideas and History, and just ahead of Buffy, also helped by its season of posts.

Adventure beats the rest of the Trinity Continuum tags, helped by posts using it to refer to, um, adventures. Expect this to change soon... I also predict more Vampire and WOD as I am currently running Blood And Smoke, more Conpulsion posts as it approaches, and beyond that we shall see.

I feel rather sorry for the Build A Setting tag, dead last, beaten even by a game I never actually ran. Maybe I should do some more of those.


  1. You should do more build a setting. Your settings were ones I'd actually want to play in!

  2. Congrats on the post count mate, here's to the next 1000!