Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Marvel NOW! and in the UK

As noted here, Marvel recently brought out a spotlight for some of their new and upcoming comics, emphasising some connections to the movies (Loki get his own book to be a loveable rogue, Black Widow gets a slick superspy series, Bruce Banner makes a guest appearance as the smart guy of the Avengers and we see Agent Coulson in his boxers) as well as some more unusual stories (the high-profile launch of an Islamic Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel, the Silver Surfer travelling the universe showing the sights to his human companion like the Doctor with an even less practical vehicle). I’ll certainly pick some of these up.

Also at the moment, a crossover for a bunch of books that aren’t currently on shelves. Revolutionary War brings back the Marvel UK mini-imprint of the 1990s - Death’s Head (2), Knights Of Pendragon, Dark Angel, Motormouth and the like. Dark Angel gets repositioned for potential ongoing action as a mystic here with issues to sort out. The KOP oneshot is a lot of fun, if very light-hearted compared to the classic original (stomps all over the Overkill-era relaunch, though). As a fan of Death’s Head 1, I wait to see what they’ll do with him.

(And of course it has me imagining a movie version of Marvel UK. Karen Gillan would make a great Dark Angel but is already in Guardians Of The Galaxy. And who to get for Captain Britain? ... Sir Chris Hoy?)