Monday, 8 December 2014

Dragonmeet 2014

(Or 2015 as a presentation slide at the diversity panel insisted...)

New venue - bigger, loads of room for stalls, got 80% of my remaining Christmas shopping done in one room. RPGs are all tucked away in rooms, which I was not so keen on. One good seminar room, one with... a non-mobile dividing wall issue. Charity auction felt squeezed in the Bring And Buy side space. Still, not a huge list of issues, especially for a first-time run in a new place by a new company. Being able to get a room in the attached hotel also right nice.

Good mix of panels. Looks like a fair bit of organised play. Did not see a full list of RPGs. Since various spaces were available in the evening and there was a cosplay contest I was a little surprised nobody put on a LARP. (Isles Of Darkness had a stand, too.) This may be my Conpulsion-y bias showing there, but I imagine a drop-in like Ruin Raiders doing well if there was a suitable location.

Hanging out the day after also very nice. Should really consider staying until Monday if  do this next year so I can see everybody.

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