Friday, 2 October 2015

Carmilla season two

The final episode just ran, so you can now binge the whole 36-part run.

Start with season one, as discussed a little here. See also Die For You by Rose Bailey, a short story game all about who or what you’d risk your life for.

Also: Season Zero, coming soon.

Carmilla (the series) presents a Buffyish funny collegiate apocalypse in a vlog, with almost all of the action, monsters, cults and shapeshifting kept offscreen. The conversations were always more important than the fights in Buffy so it works, though this does result in a running gag of characters bursting in through the door to describe terrible events and leaving abruptly. (The Christmas special broke from the format and worked as normal moving cameras, presenting the monster directly, which provides an interesting contrast.) It also provides a great meta commentary on the urban fantasy and paranormal romance subgenres as someone hopes life turns out that way...

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