Saturday, 10 October 2015

Competence and incompetence

I just binged Justified season five in a week, after discovering that season six is about to air here... and season five never did. It’s a bit of a mixed bag - the prison sequence is grim stuff while the Crowes follow Dewey’s example and remain pretty much a joke - but still has plenty of the show’s frequent pleasures, like Raylan being casually expert at figuring out various criminal idiots’ latest criminal idiocies. The investigations usually boil down to figuring out which particular idiot is involved and coolly dispatching them.

It could be played as a game of highly capable PCs dealing with inept NPCs, or as a Fiasco style game where Raylan and his cohort coming after you is the inevitable price of bad ideas. Both could be fun, but which would sustain better? For the real feel of the show, maybe you’d have to play both...

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