Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 Vampire: The Requiem ideas from Nirvana single titles

As we just saw Kurt Cobain’s fiftieth birthday yesterday, a few ideas from the singles Nirvana brought out.

(In the month since writing this, In Bloom and Heart-Shaped Box have been used as plot hooks for a Requiem LARP.)

Love Buzz
A new drug on the market has an interesting side effect. Vampires that drink from users “catch” their emotional state for as long as they have that blood in their system. The vamp who discovered this while biting someone who enjoyed it barely came down in time to miss a sunrise. The one who discovered this while terrifying her victim was last seen fleeing the scene at superhuman speed. So where is this thing coming from? Did somebody create this on purpose?

You just slept through a whole night. And now you have a crystal clear memory of the first time you saw your sire before the Embrace. And there was another vampire there... one you thought your sire hated.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
A vampire Embraced in her teens decided to try the Twilight thing and use a high school as her herd. And she misjudged how much blood a teen can safely lose and drained her boyfriend dry, then turned him in a fit of remorse. So now there are two vampires in the school. How long until one of them makes another mistake?

Come As You Are
Why is the Prince hosting a gathering at that new nightclub? Does he want it to succeed? Or does he want it to get wrecked by too many vampires in a crowded room with a lot of drugs and alcohol readily available?

Dr. Land, an Ordo Dracul chemist, has come up with a treatment for the Hunger. You still need to hunt, but you will never frenzy from lack of blood. Assuming you don’t mind the treatment being extracted from the brain blood of people on antidepressants.

In Bloom
The city cemetery’s gardens have never looked more beautiful. Which is worrying to a group of elders who murdered a Circle witch who claimed to be able to speak with plants and dumped her body in an open grave there sixty years ago.

Heart-Shaped Box
The heart of an ancient vampire, cut out centuries ago, has been stolen from the collection of an old Mekhet hoarder who sought to use it to filter blood and gain the elder’s memories. Who took it, who has it, and who would kill to acquire it?

(Alternatively, Valentine’s Day, and one of your herd asks you to marry him...)

All Apologies
An elder claims that you have wronged her. Nobody at court can verify that you haven’t, and she’s old enough that it doesn’t matter what you can prove. She demands compensation or punishment. How can you get out of serving her for years to come?

Pennyroyal Tea
Dr. Land asks for a favour dealing with a rival, a former member of the Circle who is now working as a New Age herbalist... with a sideline as a poisoner.

About A Girl
Jack has been a vampire for a few years now, and he had to leave Caitlyn when he died. So how does he cope when he sees her again, with a daughter who has his eyes?

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