Monday, 6 February 2017

The Big Game Of Your Game

The Superbowl has come again, bringing exclusive film trailers and expensive adverts, Hamilton pre-game and Lady Gaga halftime shows, huge ratings for the shows running after it and more. We have nothing even close in the UK, it’s like the FA Cup Final and the Christmas episodes of Doctor Who and Coronation Street happening on the same Sunday evening in late winter.

Does your setting have a single cultural event that big?

A royal tournament in the high Middle Ages, Roman gladiatorial games sponsored and attended by the Emperor himself, that kind of thing...

The rulers of the Forgotten Realms send their champions to a great tourney. How did you get on the billet?

Vampires host a Conclave in their city, with elders and foreign Princes in attendance. How do you prepare for that, what kinds of events do the Camarilla authorities put on, and what do the anarchs and other outsiders do in protest?

The Federation welcomes a new sentient species, and Starfleet has sent your ship to transport one of the diplomatic envoys and her entourage. Can you make sure they get there safely with a Romulan assassin tracking them?

Empire Day - what are the Rebels going to do about it?

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