Wednesday, 9 March 2011

ICONS! - a short Actual Play report

In a week and a half, my first game of Icons as a player will come to its senses-shattering conclusion. Some thoughts...

1: Random chargen is fun for a game where relative power doesn't matter, it's quick, and it can give you ideas. Less so if you get results that get in the way of ideas, and that's quite possible too.

2: The random hodgepodge of characters generated with no central theme is fine for knockabout action and adventure, but not if you want to apply a theme later.

3: When to award Determination could be nailed down a bit more, as it's both rare-ish Drama Points and even-rarer XP.

4: Saying "Tremble, wrongdoers! The darkness is come for you!" in my most melodramatic tones never gets old.

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