Monday, 28 March 2011

Nationals oneshot development diary: 3-ish

Now one short of completion, Buffyverse Trailers. Nice little snapshots of each season - tending to a minute too long and spoilery to show to people who hadn't seen the season in question before, although the Buffy and Angel S1 ones would work.

Anyway, posting here because I like the varying tones from Buffy S1's bouncy comedy all the way to the no-fun-at-all-except-the-last-gag fantasy action drama of the new Angel S4 one. Because, hey, Angel S4 is pretty much no fun.

Something to think about as I slowly bolt together Nationals Buffy characters. How much do I rely on the players to bring the funny and action and heartache in response to an otherwise horrible world of monsters and stuff?

Back in the day, the answer in The Watch House was "quite a lot", with me providing setups for heroic smackdowns and feedlines for gags, and the odd funny line from friendly NPCs, because I knew they could and would.

Not a luxury I have here, of course. So I load on optional relationship issues and sample hopefully amusing lines on the character briefings...

I'm not going the full Smallville with interconnecting character relationship charts and them directly affecting stats, but I'd like a bit of meat there rather than it being wholly ignored. Of course I don't know who's going to be at the table, so it might end up being played up or sidelined. Best I can do is not provide ammo for cringe-inducing joke portrayals. (I'd like to include gay or bi romantic interests, for example, but I don't really want to put those in front of a dozen total strangers who could turn out to include That Guy.)

Hrm. Something to consider.

I'd like to have a mutual attraction in the group, rather A loves B loves C loves D loves E oves F loves A. A and B are into each other... and C is into A and D is into C and...

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