Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Fades

A new genre show from the BBC, and it's... Hunter: The Reckoning? Well, not far off it. People with "Angelic" powers fighting the flesh-eating walking dead, ghosts trapped on Earth unable to ascend who have figured out how to return to life and whose plan threatens an apocalypse. And our saviour is a dorky Inbetweeners-y kid. So no worries there...

One interesting note is that some of the Fades are individualised, notably the charming Polus (add him to your visual library of Nosferatu types) and the twitchy what's-her-angle Natalie, who the leading Angelic warrior seems to have known for a long time.

Having monsters whose behaviour suggests there's more going on than simple threat might intrigue players, and if they can seemingly appear and disappear at will this will help prevent "there it is, kill it" syndrome.

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