Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Vampire: The Requiem Actual Play trailer

APs take a while to write, and I only have one session's worth, so a bit early to show, but here's a hint of the creepy things that have happened so far...

Something lunges out of the dark.

Jerome wakes face down on a warehouse's concrete floor. The only open entrance is a skylight twenty feet above him.

Derick scowls as Camille looks down from a rooftop and casually drops off.

Stan's lip curls as Williams smiles and beckons over a half-starved runaway.

Carter looks at Jerome and sneers, and just for a moment we see blazing yellow eyes and a mouthful of serrated fangs like a bat's.

The Sibyl sits alone, dressed in white, sticking plasters on her fingertips.

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