Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Night In The Lonesome October: Buffy Hallowe(')en Adventure

PDF version - which is nothing fancy, but I trust is legible.

Probably also useful for other urban fantasy monster hunters, or supernatural-dealing low-level superheroes or the like.

Part of A Night In The Lonesome October. The idea's simple: something of unspecified length based on the above title. It comes from a Poe poem, and became the title of a Zelazny novel, but in general it suggests autumn, isolation, the approaching Hallowe(')en and general creepiness.

So what to do... well, restrict myself to adventure hooks, or slightly longer somewhat-developed adventures. There's one up already that runs over 2000 words. But what games? Well, my defaults tend to be Adventure!, Buffy, Vampire and Doctor Who. Adventure! doesn't quite mesh, although I have a plot hook to do with a fake haunted house that could work, that still leaves three...

Applicable photo, by Joanna Wilson

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