Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Buffy Season: 3: The Metaphorical Menace

Sort of a MOTW, this one leans particularly heavily on the central metaphor of the series premise. In Buffy, it's "high school is Hell" so look at the episodes that warp a particular high school event, like wannabe cheerleaders eliminating the competition, or other parts of her life, like someone she doesn't like dating her mom who then (fortunately) turns out to be a killer android.

So look at the metaphorical dimension of the series you're creating. Probably focus on the Hero in the first of these, with others directed at the White Hats and other Cast Members later on.

The Watch House is about growing up and assuming responsibilities, the burden of duty, and whether family or personal choices mattered more. So any time the trainee Watcher PCs' lessons were foregrounded or their parents turned up I was generally playing on this theme, and it also reflected through with things like Ziggy's rejection of the family goals, a player choice that encouraged and focused the theme.

Band On The Run is about choice versus duty, so anything that relates to the band can play into this, especially if you focus on some issue that a band trying to make it big would expect to deal with and add monsters to it.


Example: Ghosting

The band have a shot at a studio session, but do they really have enough material? Oh, and the studio is haunted by a songwriter the manager ripped off and killed when he came after him.

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